Munster Hunters: A Munsters Rewatch Podcast

Movie Talk: Munsters' Revenge

January 8, 2024

The Hunters are back in the Man Cove and enduring one final Musters movie and this one has the original cast (well, most of them). Can Keith, Terry, and Derek survive one final battle? This one has it all: wax figures, robots, crime sprees, going ape, the immortal son of a pharaoh, horny diner patrons, and Thicc Opera.

Made for TV Movie: Munsters' Revenge Original Airdate: February 27, 1981

When the owner of a wax museum attempts to frame Herman and Grandpa Munster for pulling a jewelry heist, they must both prove their innocence and find out who the true thieves are.

The Munster Hunters are: Derek Glascock, Keith Gawla, and Terry Vickroy

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Munster Hunters is mixed and edited by Derek Glascock Executive producers are Derek Glascock and Keith Gawla

Original Music produced by Terry Vickroy

The Munster Hunters is a Krispy Dodo Production

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